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Idli Sambhar: Idli (A Rice Cake) & Sambhar both comes under the category of Famous Foods of Chennai and are very popular street food, being served along with a combination of nariyal or coconut chutney and sambhar.It is a traditional food of Chennai, it is not only famous here but all over India people loves its […]

citYummies brings here  all the famous foods of Uttarakhand. It is well known that the Uttarakhand is famous for its greenery and other beautiful places. This beautiful state has its own delicious cuisines which are very nutritious and much healthier.Here both, veg and non-veg foods. Milk based products are also served here. The main things which […]

Dal Pithi (Our Blog – Famous Foods of Chhattisgarh) Dal Pithi is a famous dish of Chhatisgarh and specially being prepared on festivals. Moong Dal Halwa (Our Blog – Famous Foods of Chhattisgarh) It is made up of yellow part moong dal, ghee, sugar and seasoned with cardamom powder. This mouthwatering dish is prepared specially […]

Andhra Pradesh provides a rich and superior quality food. No doubt, the  Traditional Andhra Pradesh food is also famous across the world. One can find the reflection of the rich cultural heritage, the regional flavors and Royal Nawabi recipes in Andhra cuisine. There is a high production of rice in Andhra Pradesh, that is why many […]

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