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Famous Kerala dish Sadya This blog of citYummies is regarding famous Kerala dish Sadya.Sadya is a variety of pure vegetarian dishes.It is traditionally served on a banana leaf in Kerala, India. Sadya means banquet in Malayalam. It is a feast prepared mainly by men.It is served mostly during weddings and other special events. During a traditional Sadya […]

Surely you might have heard about line “KUTCH nahi dekha to KUCH nahi dekha”, right ? A very famous dish “Dabeli” is a traditional preparation of KUTCH (Gujarat). This dish is prepared from a delicious combination of Indian Vegetable with “Double Roti“. This tasty Dabeli is prepared by putting  Potato “sabji”, Dabeli Masala and other ingredients filled […]

Kashmir famous foods are based on its ancient traditions. All  foods have evolved over the years. Kashmiri Pandits have had the earlier influence on such Cuisines. Kashmiri food makes an extensive use of turmeric and yoghurt. Superb preparation and fabulous aromatic flavor of the Kashmiri food makes people feel hungry.As in other Indian Cuisines, Onions and […]

This is our blog for Famous Foods of Sikkim. People of Sikkim are mostly the rice lovers. Meat and other dairy products are also consumed.Sikkim has its own unique specific cuisine and food recipes. Here food habits have evolved from experiments from generations after generations.Now a days, Sikkim dishes have become very popular. People from […]