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Other than Tea City of India, Dibrugarh famous foods are well known.Dibrugarh is considered to be a major city in eastern India in line with Guwahati and Bhubaneswar. It is the emerging communication and industrial hub of North East India. Dibrugarh is also one of the two main cities in the state of Assam to receive urban […]

Coimbatore,being the secong largest city in Tamil Nadu, also known as Kovai. One should not miss the opportunity to have delicious Coimbatore famous foods after visiting there. Coimbatore and its surrounding areas are called as the Kongunadu, and the authentic Kongunadu cusine is a absolute delight to devour. Coimbatore famous foods (Kongnadu Cuisine) 1. Arisi […]

Jabalpur Famous foods are always remembered whenever we talks about “Jabalpur”. Mughlai style, Rajasthani recipes and Gujarati way of cooking has influenced the cuisines of Jabalpur.Jabalpur cuisine is said to be rich, spicy and creamy. Some of the  Jabalpur Famous Foods are – Khopra Pak: – One of the delicious and famous sweet of this […]

Shimla famous foods has a very little global presence. Due to its location (topography), most areas have unique and influensive  tastes.The food eaten normally is very simple and comprises of a lentil, rice, vegetables and roti. Due to the climate of the region, food here provides warmth and strength. Some of the Shimla famous foods […]

Amritsar is worth to visit for two things—The Golden Temple and Amritsar famous foods. The local foods here are liked very much by locals as the street-side vendors sell the freshest, hottest and richest versions of everything from a refreshing glass of lassi and sugary, sweet halwa to buttery paranthas and spicy gravy. Here’s the list of […]