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Any guess about famous foods of Raipur ?? Well, do you know Raipur is famously called rice bowl of Central India as most of the traditional food items here are made up to rice flour. Famous breakfasts of this regions are  fara/muthiya, angakar roti,chousera roti. Another type of dish is available here which keeps body cool […]

Famous foods of Sonepat,its old traditions, food and famous architectures are worth to miss. Sonepat is famous for vegetarian foods which are served here with lots of butter and curd in lunch, breakfast,dinner. Famous Breakfasts  Butter aaloo paranthas with curd , achaar and salad is the best among the breakfast being served here.  Like other […]

The famous foods of  Rajkot city are too hard to resist as these delicious gujarati cuisines are full of flavours and spices. Here, one of the popular dish is ‘Khichdi’, an incorporated mixture of rice and lentils, along with which ‘Kadhi’ is serves , which is  sweet and savoury yoghurt curry with chopped vegetables and spices. […]