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Bhopal Famous Foods (Tasty Bhopali Foods)

Bhopal, the fourteenth largest city in India which is famous for its lakes and foods. This is the best place for foodies.The Bhopal famous foods are greatly influenced by both Muslim and Hindu culture, due to a large number of Muslims and Hindus living here. Bhopali cuisines includes very delicious vegetarian dishes and rich non-vegetarian dishes too. Some of the most well-liked dishes/spots you can enjoy in Bhopal are given here :

  1. Jamal Bhai’s Tea ShopKalyan Singh’s Swaad Bhandaar

    You will always find the crowd around the shop, once you reach there in the morning .You will see the crowd of people holding glasses of steaming hot tea.Jamal Bhai’s Tea Shop is where most of Bhopal starts their mornings with. Famous Chaai here is the Suleimani chai, .


    Bhopal Famous Foods

  2. Kalyan Singh’s Swaad Bhandaar (Bhopal Famous Foods)

    Poha is the most famous dish of this place.In Bhopal, the soft poha is topped with a helping of crunchy sev andsweet, crispy jalebis. The Poha, along with topping of crunchy sev and sweet crispy jalebis,makes this Bhopali breakfast of Poha legendary. It is available in every alternate shop in the city.


    Bhopal Famous Foods

  3. Manohar Dairy (Bhopal Famous Foods)

    It is the well recommended place of Bhopal, which is well known by everyon.The most famous dish of this place is “Chhole Bature and chaats”,here evenings are quite crowded. So don’t think much, go here and enjoy your favourite dish.

    download (3)

    Bhopal Famous Foods


  4. Surendra Jain’s stall (Bhopal Famous Foods)

    Here,you should try out another classic Bhopali dish, the Barfi Rasmalai Dona. This delightful dessert is actually crushed ice, with a topping of thick, creamy rabri, a sweet syrup and sprinkled with rose water. Call it a “Nawabi Treat ” 🙂

    Bhopal Famous Foods

    Bhopal Famous Foods

  5. Haji Lassiwala

    One of the famous dish of Bhopal where people like to go and enjoy. Here,at Itwara Chowk, the lassi  stall is the most famous among the locals. Here you can enjoy Lassi and Falooda both. Taste of Falooda is too goooooodddd 🙂                                                                                                


    Bhopal Famous Foods

  6. Jhili Miyan ke Bade ke Bun ke Kebab

    Another famous dish of Bhopal is at Ibrahimpura (Chatori Gali) is the Bun ke Kebab. This meat-loaded bun is made with tender Mutton Bade Kebabs stuffed inside a bun. All day, the mutton is marinated and pounded to a pulp. Come evening, the kebabs are fried on the tawa, stuffed in a bun, and served with chutney, chillies and onions. The thick bun and the succulent meat kebab is a divine treat.

    Bhopal Famous Foods

    Bhopal Famous Foods

Note – We have no intention of promoting above mentioned places / shops. We have written this blog only for the information of users. We do not guarantee authenticity of mentioned places as we may not have personally visited above places, but have taken “Internet” as a source while writing above blog.



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