Ludhiana, being right in the heart of Punjab, is the biggest city in the state. Ludhiana famous foods give perfect taste to food lovers. Ludhiana famous foods offfer both veg and non-veg dishes.Experts say that the food culture of Ludhiana has been influenced by Mughlai style by large, but has undergone a lot of change […]

Amritsar is worth to visit for two things—The Golden Temple and Amritsar famous foods. The local foods here are liked very much by locals as the street-side vendors sell the freshest, hottest and richest versions of everything from a refreshing glass of lassi and sugary, sweet halwa to buttery paranthas and spicy gravy. Here’s the list of […]

The Patiala Famous Foods need no introduction.They have already taken a place in the heart of foods lovers. Patiala reflects everything that Punjabi food has  – Delicious Taste. Patiala famous foods includes meat products too.In Patiala, one can find lots of small restaurants and dhabas where you get delicious food. In most of the restaurants here, non-veg lovers […]

The very first thing we picturize when we listen name Chandigarh is “A Well Planned City”. The Clean and wide streets covered with canopy of trees, well maintained parks and beautifully designed individual houses. A touch of shower in monsoon on city won’t let you go anywhere outside Chandigarh as the view and weather becomes […]