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Famous Ajmer Foods – Padharo Mhare Ajmer

Famous Ajmer Foods – Tourists in large numbers from world over visit Ajmer every year to enjoy its luscious food. Famous Ajmer foods are truly delicious.

Have a look of places of Famous Ajmer Foods as mentioned below –

1. Naya Bazar: Here, all kinds of street food and snacks are available  Kadhi Kachori, Doodh Jalebi and Besan Sev.


2. The Mango Curry Restaurant (Opp. Dominos on Kutchery Road): One must try Non-Veg thaali here along with Keema Parantha here.Chinese food can also be tasted here.

3. Mansingh Palace: A good source of food / dishes for both veges and non-veges. Mutton Biryani and Laal Maas are personal favourites.

Famous Ajmer Foods

Famous Ajmer Foods

4. Chawla’s (Close to Ajmer Railway Station): One must try Biryanis here. They some real hot and spicy non-veg Biryanis.

5. Ambrosia Restaurant (Nagina Bagh, Ashok Marg): One can enjoy food here in good ambiance with uninterrupted view of the charming Aravalis .

6. Mango Masala (Sardar Patel Marg): If you are vegetarian and you like south indian food, then you should visit here.

7. Honeydew Restaurant (Opp. Railway Station): Not at all a bad choice if in a hurry to catch a train and cannot make it far.

8. Olive Kitchen: Good ambiance and good food.

Below are the Ajmer famous foods (Must Eat Food :)- 

1. Nihari: Nihari is a South Asian stew consisting of slow cooked beef/lamb garnished to taste and served with cooked brain or bone marrow. It’s hot and spicy and served mostly in earliest hours. So, try and make it before 10.00 am to the location. Its taste enhances when taken with the special khameeri roti.

Famous Ajmer Foods

Famous Ajmer Foods

2. Mutton Biryani: The biryani which you get in these dhabas cannot be matched with the ones you get in elite restaurant of Delhi and Mumbai. Biryani is given an orange shade and is made to taste spicy using lot of green chillies.

3. Sheermal: Also order for Sheermal here. It’s a popular Mughal sweetbread – soft and fluffy, and best when eaten the moment it is out of tandoor else it will go stiff with time. Hot sheermal is brushed with saffron milk/butter before serving. It just melts in the mouth. Can be topped with Kebabs.

4. Kadhi Kachori: It will be unfair to not to have local-favourite kadhi kachori when in Ajmer. One plate crushed kachori served with thick besan kadhi will keep you going through the day.

Famous Ajmer Foods

Famous Ajmer Foods

5.Sohan Halwa & Balushahi: Get hands on some very authentic Sohan Halwa, a traditional Indian sweet cooked in ghee (clarifies butter) near Madar Gate in Ajmer. Azad Sweets is one of the famous shops out there. Balushahi, another famous Rajasthani sweet, is also a must try in Ajmer.

Famous Ajmer Foods

Famous Ajmer Foods

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Note – We have no intention of promoting above mentioned places / shops. We have written this blog only for the information of users. We do not guarantee authenticity of mentioned places as we may not have personally visited above places, but have taken “Internet” as a source while writing above blog.



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