famous foods of jorhat
Famous Foods of Assam

Famous Foods of Jorhat (Assam Delicious Foods)

The famous foods of Jorhat differs quite a bit from the typical spicy and rich Indian food. The food of Jorhat is very natural in cooking with mild in spices. In Jorhat, one can experience Assamese food in its authentic and splendid form.

People of Jorhat are perfect foodies who love to experiment as well as explore foods.There are number of restaurants in Jorhat which offer tastes of North Indian foods, Chinese foods and Assamese foods.

Famous foods of Jorhat are:

Here people are much crazy about traditional Assamese platter, which comprises of rice, dal, khar , meat, masor tenga, vegetable dish,aaloo pitika, curd and pickle.Out of these, Khar, Masor Tenga and aaloo pitika have their own unique way of preparation.

  1. Aaloo Pitika

The tasty aaloo pitika or mashed up potatoes is the famous cuisine of Jorhat. To prepare this dish, mashed up potatoes are mixed with mustard oil, then green chillies and onions are added to make it’s taste more delicious.

Famous foods of Jorhat

Famous foods of Jorhat

2.  Khar

The Khar is prepared by filtering water through ashes of banana tree, which is called Kola khar.One of the major assammese cuisine is “Omita Khar”. Khar is the signature dish of Assam.

3.  Pithas

Pithas are made of powdered rice, sugar and salt and coconut.A special kind of rice preparations called the Til Pithas or Narikol Pithas are made on special occassions like Bihu.

Famous foods of Jorhat

Famous foods of Jorhat


4.  Fish Curry

Here fish is cooked with green vegetables and herbs like “Narsingha paat” and “Bhedailota”.”Masor Tenga” is also a special part of Assamese meal.It is cooked in tomatoes,lemon,”thekera” and “Ou Tenga”

Famous foods of Jorhat

Famous foods of Jorhat


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