Famous Foods of Rajasthan

Famous Foods Of Alwar (Rajasthan)

Famous foods of Alwar can be found in the number of fine restaurants here  to enjoy the lip-smacking experience. Some of them are  –

Maharaja Restaurant – It serves serves delicious food in a very comfortable ambience.

Prem Pavitra Bhojnalaya and Inderlok Restaurant  – These are the nice places to taste the hot aloo paranthas and delicious gajar ka halwa.

Thali House-New South Indian Café – This place serves delicious south Indian Cuisine.

One can also find the refreshing lassi and chatpati chaat at the chat corners near Kashiram Circle in Alwar.

Other famous foods of Alwar one can likely to come across in his travel  are Bajra ki roti (Millet bread), Missi roti (bread made of wheat and gram flour, cumin seeds and fenugreek leaves),

Dal batti churma is a dish which is most likely to find being made during festivities, religious occasions and weddings. It is a 3 item dish consisting of baati, which is a hard, unleavened bread, having a longer shelf life and high nutritional value and may at times have fillings of onion, peas, sattu (mixture of ground pulses and cereal), dal (lentils) and churma (coarsely ground wheat or millet crushed and cooked with ghee (clarified butter) and sugar. Along with the dish do ask for a side of lashun ki chutney (hot garlic paste)-it will be one of the most filling, delicious, no fuss dish you will have.

Gatte ki subzi is another simple classic of Rajasthan which doesn’t require fresh vegetables and is made up of wheat flour, chick pea flour, yogurt, lentils.

famous foods of Alwar

famous foods of Alwar

One dish that is distinctly owned by the city is  Mawa or kalakand (Milk cake)  and what a delicious sweet it is. It is made of solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese, mixed with sugar and topped with dry fruits.If anjeer (figs) have been mixed in the original recipe then the milk cake turns brown and it is called as brown mawa. One should not forget to have this sweet while visiting to Alwar. 

famous foods of Alwar

famous foods of Alwar


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