Famous Foods of Andhra Pradesh, Famous Foods of Hyderabad, Famous Foods of South India

Famous Foods of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh provides a rich and superior quality food. No doubt, the  Traditional Andhra Pradesh food is also famous across the world. One can find the reflection of the rich cultural heritage, the regional flavors and Royal Nawabi recipes in Andhra cuisine. There is a high production of rice in Andhra Pradesh, that is why many veg and non veg dishes can be eaten with rice. Most common things being used while preparing cuisines are red chilies, green chilies, tamarind, coconut and other Indian spices.

Some of Traditional dishes are tamarind rice ,Gongura Chutney, Pesaratu, Pulusu, Avakkai Pickles made of raw mango, seasoned eggplant (GuttiVankaya Kura) etc. Other Andhra specialties are Rasam, different types of curd preparations, Sambar, Payasum etc. Famous snacks of Andhra pradesh are  Chekkalu, Guggillu, Bondaalu, Mirapakyabajji, Boondi and many more. Famous non-veg dishes are  chicken fry (KodiIguru), Gongura mutton, chicken gravy (KodiPulusu) .

Wherever you go in Andhra Pradesh, here different regions have different flavors and styles of cooking. One can easily find mouthwatering dishes that have unique tastes

The Telangana, initially was under the reign of Muslim rulers . Dishes of this region  roots in Persian and Afghan In this region, famous dishes for vegetarians are Rasam, Ulliakkukura (spring onion curry), Karapu Annam (Chilli rice), and Kakaraya Pulusu (gravy made of bittergourd). For non-vegetarians, famous dishes are  Chapala Pulusu (fish gravy) and Kodi Kura. During Sankranti festival, one special snack is also prepared , called as Sakinalu.

The coastal region of Andhra is known for its tasty and fresh seafood made of prawns and fish.

Here, Hyderabadi cuisines are  the important part of Andhra Cuisines. Here once can enjoy the taste of world wide famous  Hyderabadi Biryani . Hyderabadi flovours ranges from sour to sweet. There are lots of dry foods are included in Hyderabadi food .Other authentic dishes of Hyderabad are Murghka korma,  Chakna, Dalcha, Katti Dal and Bhuna Gosht.

Famous sweets of Andhra Gajar ka halwa, Shahi Tukre, Sheer Korma, Bobbatlu and Putharekulu.


Note – We have no intention of promoting above mentioned places / shops. We have written this blog only for the information of users. We do not guarantee authenticity of mentioned places as we have not personally visited above places, but have taken “Internet” as a source while writing above blog.




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