Famous Foods of Chennai, Famous Foods of South India

Famous Foods of Chennai

Idli Sambhar:

Idli (A Rice Cake) & Sambhar both comes under the category of Famous Foods of Chennai and are very popular street food, being served along with a combination of nariyal or coconut chutney and sambhar.It is a traditional food of Chennai, it is not only famous here but all over India people loves its taste !!


Parotas, the most lip smacking delicacies, can be found in any roadside food shop. The most famous parotta is “Kothu Parotta”.The parotta is made with egg and meat and a dose of a spicy sauce called salna and is usually served with onion raita.Parottas are also the Famous Foods of Chennai.


(Famous Food of Chennai)

This is another mouth watering dish. It is made from rice flour that’s pressed into noodles and steamed. People like to have it with spicy curries or coconut chutney.


(Famous Food of Chennai)

Dosa Corner, Dosa Plaza, Dosa House etc, we come across so many such types of names around us.In Chennai also, every roadside stall will serve you various types of dosas. Dosa is very much loved and famous dish of Chennai.


(Famous Food of Chennai)

Another famous dish of Chennai is Uttapam. This looks like Italian Pizza when served with topping of tomatoes, onions, chillies and capsicum. This is also a very popular dish loved by people of Chennai.


(Famous Food of Chennai)

It is available in various shapes, the most common is doughnut shaped vada. If you want to enjoy this dish, you should take fried vada along with Sambhar, Chutney or curd,


(Famous Food of Chennai)

This is a dish different from south Indian other foods. It’s a Burmese dish, made up from boiled noodles with spices and vegetables like onion and cabbage. It is mostly used as an evening snack.

Note – We have no intention of promoting above mentioned places / dishes. We have written this blog only for the information of users.  but have taken “Internet” as a source while writing above blog.




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