Famous Foods of Assam

Famous Foods of Guwahati

Assamese cuisine mostly depends on  climate, vegetation and the soil of the land. Rice, being the staple diet of the people of Assam, is used to make variety of sweets and snacks, as well as beer. Fish plays a major role Assam cuisines . Uncanny ingredients like bamboo shoot, Khar (banana tree ashes) etc. are used to cook the various delicacies of Assam.

We are aware of the fact that that the Assam Tea is very famous all over the world, being the highest in production and exportation. Along with its very high quality, Assam tea gives out a beautiful fragrance. There are many type of home-made beer that is prepared in the Assamese households, rice beer being one of the major one. Among others there is zou prepared by the Bodos, aapong is prepared by the Mishing community, Ahom and Tiwa prepares xaj, hor by the Karbis, photika by the Kachari community etc.

Following restaurants  in Guwahati  offers tasty Assamese cuisine.

Parampara Paradise

Being one of the oldest restaurant in Guwahati, it offers delectable Assamese cuisine. Here one should definitely go for the ‘Thalis’ in case they don’t have any other option. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis are available here. As such “Thalis” include all the major dishes of Assamese household,it is the best way to try out the Assamese cuisine

A meal for two would cost you somewhere around INR 800


Delicacy Restaurant, located  in the Ganeshguri area of Guwahati,  serves the local cuisine of the state. Lots of varieties of local cuisine are available here which are cooked to their perfection. One should try out Akhaj (veg thali meal) , consists of unlimited quantities of rice and 2 types of dhal. There are also limited quantities of 4 types of vegetable dishes (a semi gravy,  a green leafy vegetable, a pitika – mashed potato and a khar) and a sweet. Lime, green chillies, a spicy chutney and a pickle are served on the side. Sometimes  complimentary clear vegetable soup are also available.
They also have range of fish and meat dishes.


Khorika is a fine restaurant that offers a range of mouth-watering North-eastern dishes . You will remember the flavours of Assam once you visit this place. You must try out the Duck cooked in bamboo shoot, which will blow your mind.

Note – We have no intention of promoting above mentioned places / shops. We have written this blog only for the information of users. We do not guarantee authenticity of mentioned places as we have not personally visited above places, but have taken “Internet” as a source while writing above blog.




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