Famous Foods of Rajasthan

Famous Foods of Jodhpur, Rajasthan

If someone, while roaming around the world, come across an area where in every street or market he finds number of shops of sweets and Namkeens then he is surely in Jodhpur (Rajasthan).

It is said about Jodhpuri People that –

  • It has maximum consumption of “ghee” compare to rest of India
  • People living here has only one blood group i.e “ghee positive”

Other than so many reasons (Forts, Heritage Hotels, Blue City and many more) one main reason of why the city Jodhpur is very famous is the varieties of unique Food dishes available here.

Some famous Food dishes and their availability locations in Jodhpur are –

  • “Chaturbhuj” Gulaab Jaamun

1856_chaturbhuj_sweets_gulab_jamun_jodhpur[1]A small shop, more than 100 years old, has a unique method of manufacturing “Gulaab Jaamun”. Size of this dish is almost two times as compare to what we see around the world and its taste is like amaze-inngggggg. I bet one cannot find such taste anywhere in this world. A worth visit shop is situated in Pungal Pada Area inside Jalori Gate.

  • “Ghee Ki Kachori”

matar-ki-kachori-500x500[1]Have you ever heard about a Kachori made in Ghee?? If yes, then surely you know a person who belongs to Jodhpur or someone who have visited there.

A crispy tasty Ghee Ki Kachori is available inside city area of Jodhpur where you can find people often standing in a queue for purchase. Being crispy, taste of this Kachori is much better than other normal Kachoris. A worth visit shop is also situated in Pungal Pada Area inside Jalori Gate.

  • “Rabdi Ke Ghevar”

rabri-ghewar[1]This is also a unique dish of Jodhpur. Ghevars are usually large in size approx. 200 mm. Or 250 (8″ or 10″) squares or rounds and are either sweetened with syrup or served topped with sweet rabdi (i. e. Thickened milk ) .

A very famous shop for this cuisine is “Moolji Ki Hotel”, located at Pungal Pada Area inside Jalori Gate. 


  • “Special Pyaaz ki Kachori & Mirchibada”

new-pics-nov-19th-997A very special cuisine with a mouthwatering taste is available in Jodhpur at almost all the Namkeen shops. The most famous shop is “Surya Shahi Namkeen” situated at Jalori Gate Circle. Marketing of this item and this shop is not required as the Smell of this dish is so unique that it can easily get catch attention of road passers.

Note – We have no intention of promoting above mentioned places / shops. We have written this blog only for the information of users. We do not guarantee authenticity of mentioned places as we have not personally visited above places, but have taken “Internet” as a source while writing above blog.




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