Famous Foods of Uttaranchal

Famous Foods of Uttarakhand

citYummies brings here  all the famous foods of Uttarakhand. It is well known that the Uttarakhand is famous for its greenery and other beautiful places. This beautiful state has its own delicious cuisines which are very nutritious and much healthier.Here both, veg and non-veg foods. Milk based products are also served here.

The main things which are very common in Uttarakhand cuisines are high fibred Coarse grain. Another food item “mundua (Buck wheat)” is also famous here which is mostly available on the borders of Tibet-Nepal. This food item is considered as a healthier food (good for digestive system)For cooking, either pure ghee or mustard oil is used.

Some of the famous foods of Uttarakhand include the following:

  • Garhwal ka Fannah
  • Kafuli
  • Jholi
  • Bhatt ki Churdkani
  • Badil
  • Swala
  • Gulgula
  • Urad Bhuda
  • Palau
  • Kandalee ka saag
  • Jhangora ki kheer
  • Mandua ki Roti
  • and many more…

Note – We have no intention of promoting above mentioned places / shops. We have written this blog only for the information of users. We do not guarantee authenticity of mentioned places as we have not personally visited above places, but have taken “Internet” as a source while writing above blog.




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