The famous foods of  Rajkot city are too hard to resist as these delicious gujarati cuisines are full of flavours and spices. Here, one of the popular dish is ‘Khichdi’, an incorporated mixture of rice and lentils, along with which ‘Kadhi’ is serves , which is  sweet and savoury yoghurt curry with chopped vegetables and spices. […]

Bhopal, the fourteenth largest city in India which is famous for its lakes and foods. This is the best place for foodies.The Bhopal famous foods are greatly influenced by both Muslim and Hindu culture, due to a large number of Muslims and Hindus living here. Bhopali cuisines includes very delicious vegetarian dishes and rich non-vegetarian dishes […]

Idli Sambhar: Idli (A Rice Cake) & Sambhar both comes under the category of Famous Foods of Chennai and are very popular street food, being served along with a combination of nariyal or coconut chutney and sambhar.It is a traditional food of Chennai, it is not only famous here but all over India people loves its […]